Bid Management: Small to Mid-Sized General Contractors Need a Tool to Increase Efficiency

A recent report by construction software research and reviews website, Software Advice, reveals that 86% of companies looking for a new bid management tool are hoping to improve their efficiency and streamline their operations. 46% of prospective buyers feel that their current bid management system is inadequate. A streamlined and cloud-based bid management solution makes bidding and communicating with subcontractors faster and much simpler!

Below is a chart that shows why prospective buyers want a new bidding solution.

graph that shows reasons why prospective buyers want bid management softwareA majority of prospective buyers (73%) are general contractors. Additionally, 67% were builders making less than $25 million in annual revenues. The construction industry needs and covets a tool catered to small to mid-size general contractors!

prospective buyers by industry segment 

Below is a chart that organizes the prospective buyers by their annual revenue.

prospective buyer by annual revenue 

Here is Software Advice’s list of top 10 reviewed construction biding software systems!


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