BuildingBlok Releases New iPhone Application!

BuildingBlok’s new mobile app allows your field supervisors and site managers to make critical updates on their iPhone. Information is instantly synced to the cloud, keeping your team updated in real time and on all mediums – computers, mobile devices, and tablets!

Benefits of using the mobile application:

  • Monitor all tasks assigned to you in the “Today” tab
  • Keep Notes on construction/on-site developments and track Mancounts in the “Daily Report”
  • Snap “Photos” from the field and have them instantly sync to the cloud along with who took the photo and when.
  • Create “RFIs” on-site, helping to communicate quicker and more effectively
  • Set tasks and assign “To Dos” to specific users
  • Write memos to keep your team informed of all project changes/updates
  • Manage your contacts from your mobile device


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