Manage your RFIs Online - No More Paper or Excel Logs!

Without BuildingBlok…

We get inundated with project related documents such as RFIs. It becomes quite difficult to keep track of such a large volume of documents, especially since we are forced to handle paper, send faxes, constantly update excel logs, and send multiple emails for each document.  RFI related correspondance changes hands so frequently that it seems impossible to spot bottlenecks and maintain accurate records of document submission. RFIs take forever to get a response, or they simply got lost.

Using BuildingBlok…

Subcontractors can now login to BuildingBlok and create Requests for Information online, in a very easy-to-use module. All parties can interact in real-time on BuildingBlok, passing the document along a simple and intuitive workflow until the RFI is answered. This helps spot bottlenecks immediately, as each RFI is assigned to a specific user and the document maintains a full audit trail in its History tab. Additionally, all data is stored safely and securely in the cloud.


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