Part 2: What Construction Software Buyers Want

A 2014 report from construction software research and reviews website, Software Advice, states that most construction software buyers are looking for best-of-breed solutions over integrated systems.

“When asked about their integration requirements, 68 percent of construction software buyers wanted to evaluate best-of-breed applications over integrated software suites. This isn’t surprising given that most buyers we speak with represent small companies. Most will need a single tool, such as cost estimating, and won’t require the extended capabilities and functions of an integrated construction software suite.”

BuildingBlok is a “best of breed” solution. It allows users to manage the entire life cycle of the construction process in one system that helps to increase productivity and efficiency and cut costs. From design planning through bidding and finally construction and closeout, there is no simpler system to upload your entire company into so users can begin collaborating in the cloud and saving everyone time and money.



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