Construction Employment Up in October as 12,000 Jobs Added

Construction Employment Up in October as 12,000 Jobs Added

In October, the unemployment rate fell to 6.4%. This marked the tenth consecutive month in which unemployment decreased. In terms of the construction industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 12,000 construction-related jobs were added in October. Construction employment has increased every month in 2014. Further, in September it was reported that 16,000 construction jobs were added to the industry and this number has just been updated to 19,000.

The construction industry has added 231,000 jobs over the last twelve months. Today, there are about 6,095,000 construction-related jobs.

Graph by BLS Construction Jobs in October

The graph below shows that ADP, the payroll and Human Capital Management firm, reports that the construction industry added about 28,000 jobs in October….

“ADP is reporting that construction employment was at 6,170,000 jobs in October. This reflects an addition of 232,000 jobs to the construction industry over the past 12 months and an increase of 191,000 jobs added in 2014.”

ADP graph construction jobs