2 Huge Problems with the Daily Reporting Process

2 Huge Problems with the Daily Reporting Process

The following is a post by our founder Justin Nolan.

I got started working in the construction industry in 2007. I took a job as an assistant project manager with Hill International and my first project was a million square foot courthouse near Yankee Stadium. One of my responsibilities was filling out the daily report.  I spent my mornings walking the project site recording (on paper) which subs were on site, the weather, how many workers were working and what work was getting done. I also took a ton of photos of the work with a digital camera. After lunch, I would transfer everything from paper (and camera) to an official electronic daily report.

The Problems

It very quickly dawned on me that there were two huge problems with the daily reporting process:

1) Anything that happened in the afternoon wasn’t being recorded.

2) I was wasting an hour or two EVERY DAY moving everything from paper and my camera to the official daily report.

Hill is a huge company – managing thousands of projects across the globe. If we were wasting a few hours per day on each project  – how many were we wasting around the world? How many hours was the construction industry wasting each year? The numbers are HUGE.

The Solution

I realized that the first step was being able to update the daily report at any time. And these real time updates needed to go straight to the official daily report – no one should waste any more time copying everything from paper to a computer. I knew that making one small change could mean big savings for every company that fills out a daily report/progress report or any report on paper.

So I built an app – an app which allow me to update the daily report at any time from my phone. Now any worker with a mobile phone can become a reporting source to help track progress AND that hour per day per worker per project is no longer being wasted.

Sometimes small fixes can bring about huge changes. For less than a dollar per day there really isn’t an easier way to make your business more efficient.

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*BIO: Justin Nolan is the Director of BuildingBlok Solutions at The Blue Book Network. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2004 with a degree in History. After a few years in finance he moved over to Hill International as an assistant project manager. In 2007, he founded BuildingBlok, an online construction management system, to help make the construction process more efficient. *