3 ways we can help with taxes

3 ways we can help with taxes

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

-Benjamin Franklin

For some people, these two inevitable parts of life may not seem so different. Here is how we make our customers’ lives easier when Tax Day rolls around.

1) Time sheets and Mancount

Know exactly how many hours your team works each week. Set your own Cost Codes and Rates for each of your workers so you can calculate Regular Time and Over Time pay on a weekly basis. You can also track the daily Mancount on site by using our Daily Report.

2) Project Budgeting

Our Current Summary Report will show you all Pending and Approved Change Orders, your percent complete and balance to finish on all contracts, as well as your Change from Budget. Setting up your budget is as simple as cutting and pasting from an Excel document. We do all the tracking for you.

3) Invoices and Payment Applications

Create and track all of your project invoices in one centralized location. Invite on your subcontractors so they can fill out a Schedule of Values for their contracts. Once a month, we will remind them with an email to enter their Present Application. All you have to do is click approve.

All this tracking comes in handy when April 15th rolls around. We can store all this project information as long as you need. Archived projects can be stored at just $2 per GB of storage per month. We like keeping our customer safe, not sorry.