5 Things to Know About the Construction Industry Today

5 Things to Know About the Construction Industry Today
  1. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20,000 jobs were added to the construction industry in November. ADP, the Human Capital Management firm, reports that 17,000 jobs were added in November (in October they reported that 27,000 jobs were added).

  2. According to the Census Bureau, the government has spent $271.1 billion on construction projects over the past 12 months. The primary spending categories include the construction of roads, transportation projects, water disposal plants and sewage systems. Government spending on schools, water projects and public safety is lower than it was pre-recession.

  3. Construction firms in Las Vegas are struggling to find qualified workers. The AGC reported that 50% of construction firms in Nevada are struggling to find skilled laborers.

  4. In New York City, a recent construction boom has increased demand and enabled many construction firms to raise their prices.

  5. In Los Angeles, an apartment complex under construction caught fire destroying the entire site and shutting down parts of two major highways.