Invite an unlimited number of subs, architects, and engineers to your projects, so that all project members can work together within the same system. This brings efficiency, productivity, and accountability to the document approval process, since all users in the project can work off of one centralized platform anytime, anywhere. With BuildingBlok, you and your colleagues will no longer have to keep track of emails, update complex Excel files, make photo copies, or track down lost documents.  Document logs are always current, since subcontractors, architects, and engineers can create their documents within the system and help drive your workflow.

Add users to your projects:
- Within each project, add unlimited companies in the “Contacts” tab. - “Manage Users” within each company to designate project roles and set permissions (per user).  Default permission sets are available. - Enter each user’s email to send an invitation, allowing him or her to access your project immediately. Allow others to generate documents and drive your document workflow.

Increase your productivity and improve your communications today!