America’s Infrastructure is Disintegrating

America’s Infrastructure is Disintegrating

Goldman Sachs economist, Alec Phillips, reports on the biggest issues facing American infrastructure. For example, 25% of the bridges in the U.S. are considered deficient. Phillips expresses his concern for American infrastructure when he states,

“This year, Congress is expected to enact long-term spending plans for capital investment in highways, transit and aviation infrastructure. **The outlook is more uncertain than usual, with depleted funding sources threatening to hold investment back, **while lower energy prices and/or the possibility of corporate tax changes could present at least an opening for a boost in resources for the first time in two decades.”

Here are 6 infrastructure projects that require the most urgent repairs…

Obama recently proposed a $478 billion infrastructure plan to increase funding for new public works projects (here is the budget that has yet to be approved).

Steven Kroft addressed the issue back in November. Learn about it in this 60 Minutes piece called, “Falling apart: America’s neglected infrastructure.”