Bid Management: What Software Buyers Want

Bid Management: What Software Buyers Want

A recent report from construction software research and reviews website, Software Advice, shows that a majority of the industry still uses manual methods for bid management. That same group is looking to adopt a new robust solution in three months or less!

Who Needs a New Solution

The report finds that 58% of prospective construction software buyers were managing their bids with traditional methods. These manual methods include paper and pen, Microsoft outlook and Microsoft Office.

28% of prospective buyers were using some sort of commercial bid management software that was unsatisfactory because it lacked robust functionality.

11% of companies looking for new bid management software were using a tool, like Microsoft Project, that is not geared toward construction management. Those prospective buyers were looking for a more specialized solution.

Time Frame for Prospective Buyers

82% of companies looking for construction bid management software want to adopt a new tool in three months or less. 39% want to make a change within one month! Biding is what drives opportunities and profitability, therefore, it is not surprising that companies want to make a change as soon as possible.

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