BuildingBlok Voted Runner Up for Best Construction Management Software in 2017

BuildingBlok Voted Runner Up for Best Construction Management Software in 2017

BuildingBlok has emerged as a runner up for the Best Construction Management Software in February 2017. As a startup, it is a great accomplishment to be included in this study and an indication of the future growth opportunities available.

BuildngBlok is a robust construction management software, which allows multiple stakeholders to manage and engage with their teams to execute projects from the initial design stages to the final close-out. Unlike many construction management software products available on the market, BuildngBlok provides unlimited users and projects without additional fees. Moreover, features like the GPS tracking makes it easy to track the productivity of your teams and its interface is designed to encourage collaboration and ensure data accuracy.

Software Advice is a great website which relies on real data to evaluate various software available in its specific markets. It is very useful if you are trying to compare several different software offerings and trying to figure our which one is right for your business. Some of the characteristics they analyze in order to establish the software rankings is the capability and the values scores.

According to the article FrontRunners for Construction Project Management, February 2017 generated by Gartner Methodology, they have established the capability score by evaluating products from the following angles: "functionality, ease of use, customer support."

On the other hand, to develop the values score, they assess the following: "overall ratings of the product, how likely users are to recommend the product to others, how valuable users consider the product to be relative to its price." Additionally, they consider things like the number of professionals in the market who have used this product, user reviews, and average number of times the product is searched on Google.

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