BuildingBlok Is Your Mobile Solution

BuildingBlok Is Your Mobile Solution
According to a [recent article]( published on Government Security News magazine, paper-based industries, such as construction, highly benefit from the use of mobile solutions.
> “Mobile solutions, i.e. software for PDAs and smartphones, have an enormous potential to improve efficiency and save big money for companies that today rely on time-consuming paper-based solutions. Industries such as fire safety, security, electrical, telecom, data, energy, power, construction, logistics, and heating/ventilation/cooling, have much to gain by adapting modern mobile business solutions for their work forces.”

BuildingBlok is a cloud-based application, meaning data is conveniently stored and accessible on any device with an Internet connection (i.e. a computer, iPad, and iPhone.) The mobile application allows users to keep everyone involved on a project updated in the simplest and quickest way possible. In addition, the mobile application stores data even when an Internet connection is not available, such as at a construction site in a remote location.

Government Security News offers ten tips on choosing and implementing the right mobile application choice. However, BuildingBlok should make your choice simple. BuildingBlok’s mobile application will fulfill all of your needs and more.

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