Change is good

Change is good

“Change is good. It’s certainly necessary…Create the vision, adapt to change, and put more tools in your toolbox.”

-Dan Kumm, President of Bluescope North America

Do you remember pagers?

At the Butler Manufacturing Conference, Dan Kumm, told a story about his boss paging him while working on-site, and then driving 15 minutes to a pay phone to call him back.

We considered pagers the be-all and end-all for staying connected. Cell phones antiquated the pager and the smart phone soon replaced the cell phone.

In the evolution of communication, we adjust our lives and businesses to adapt to new technologies. Refusing to ditch the pager for a smartphone would make it difficult to keep up with these inevitable changes. When it comes to new business technologies, adapting to change can be the difference between competing and going out of business.

We agree with Dan’s advice. BuildingBlok is just another tool for a General Contractor’s toolbox. These tools of change aren’t hammers and screwdrivers, but cell phones and tablets. Builders save money with our cloud based system by collaborating more efficiently. Just like using a smart phone instead of a pager.