More and more, all aspects of our lives are becoming interconnected. Technology is such that most of our daily tasks can be dealt with on our personal devices. And for businesses—especially construction management firms—this means it’s now easier than ever to run your entire organization on one platform, offering unprecedented, up-to-the-second updates and data insights that can help drive insurmountable value into your business.

Your Data, All in the Cloud

Cloud computing has brought about a revolutionary change in the business world. For the first time ever, organizations can store their data, digitally collaborate with others, and access company information from anywhere in the world. For construction project management, this means unhindered mobility in your daily operations.

Contractors can access architecture blueprints, materials documents, clients contracts, and other important information in real-time from the job site. This allows project leaders to be in the field with their workers, allowing for unfettered communication for project details.

Project Management SaaS and Big Data

Under archaic project management for construction firms, data collected is usually stored in siloed locations and often piles up, wasting space and going largely unused. But with software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and machine learning, value is being brought back into the mounds of data that live on your servers.

For example, many companies utilize technology to monitor quantifiable resources such as equipment usage and maintenance data, but few have the processes in place to make any sense of that data. To remedy this, SaaS solutions are now using machine learning to assess this data to predict outcomes and formulate patterns to turn these numbers into actionable data.

These technologies are going to change the way we think about construction management. Experts anticipate there will be a move away from proprietary construction products and toward open-sourced software to support this ever-increasing connectedness. Everything collected will be stored for later use, allowing for us to look back on historic data and make more informed decisions in the future.

Real-Time Updates and Reporting

As a result of these ground-breaking technologies, the day-to-day understanding of a project will become more and more visible. Based on near-instant metrics, you can issue and receive real-time updates from anyone involved in the project, improving response time and saving the project countless hours and resources wasted on stalling. In addition, data collected by project management software solutions will be able to assess and compile daily reports to keep your team updated on the project’s progress.