Construction Industry and RFID Technology

Construction Industry and RFID Technology

Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) is being used in construction technology to manage assets, reduce theft and improve efficiency. RFID technology has origins in the Friend or Foe systems (IFF) that used radar and transponders to detect friendly aircraft in World War II. Today, RFID technology is used in things like E-ZPass.

How they work

RFID systems have a two-way radio transmitter that consists of a reader and an interrogator that emit a signal to labels or tags. The tag has a microchip that processes and stores information and an antenna that receives and transmits a signal to the reader. The reader sends electromagnetic waves to the tag and then the tag transmits the data back to the reader.

*How They Can Be Used in the Construction Industry *

1.) RFID systems can track the tools your team members have checked out. Track the usage of everything from hand tools to large machinery used on a project.

2.) You can use RFID readers on job sites to create barriers and monitors that will alert workers of safety issues or of a particular area to avoid in the field.

3.) Use RFID tags on workers hardhats or in their ID cards to track worker hours.

4.) Using RFID technology to track the tools on a job site will help you improve coordination and scheduling with storage companies and suppliers. Additionally, you can also use this technology to identify and track the waste generated by these companies.

5.) In the end of a project you can use RFID for maintenance and inspection. For example, you can put RFID tags on HVAC systems.

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