Construction Management Classes Implement Technology to Prepare Students for the Changing Industry

Construction Management Classes Implement Technology to Prepare Students for the Changing Industry

A change is occurring in the construction industry and people are beginning to recognize it.

Construction firms are replacing paper with online solutions. These solutions are making it simple to ditch previously inconvenient ways and switch to faster and more efficient means of managing business.

Online solutions, such as BuildingBlok, are revolutionizing the construction industry by putting construction projects on a system that eliminates the need to mail, ship, and fax documents, update files, and manually calculate financial information. BuildingBlok is a centralized platform for managing the entirety of a construction project anywhere with an Internet connection, whether it is on a tablet or cell phone in the field, or a computer in the office. Everyone involved on a project stays updated in real time, moving the process smoothly along. Even when an Internet connection is not readily available, BuildingBlok’s mobile application for tablets and cell phones will still record and log information that will update as soon as an Internet connection is reached.

A professor at Boise State University is already teaching his construction management class to adapt to new technology in preparation for the future. Professor Casey Cline is teaching his class to use iPads to manage projects, which is becoming more prevalent for construction workers currently in the field.

While not all of the construction industry has fully adopted this new technology, Professor Cline and others alike are teaching generations to come the efficiency of technology and hopefully instilling the ways of online solutions into students so that one day the construction industry will be fully adapted and completely paperless.

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