Construction Management Moves from Software to Cloud

Construction Management Moves from Software to Cloud

“The use of technology in the construction industry is evolving, moving from traditional on-premise software to on-the-go applications. Many of the common software packages for the construction industry are now being moved to a browser-based application.”

– Construtech

Construction has always been a mobile industry. Workers complete punch-lists, inspections, and surveys on site, while coordinating this information with their office. With the invention of the desktop computer, paper, pen, and other ‘mobile’ tools of the old way became time-intensive and error-prone. Construction companies adopted management softwares, allowing them to store and manage project information on their office Desktops.

As mobile technology becomes more prominent and powerful, storing a software on your computer moves closer and closer towards extinction. Construction is evolving towards on-the-go applications, saving companies expensive servers by pushing workers to mobile and web-based applications. On a cloud application, everyone can access their project from anywhere, and collaborate in one centralized location.

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