Construction News on The Blok

Construction News on The Blok

This article explains why it is crucial to properly classify laborers and take proactive measures with the Department of Labor.

Home Depot’s earnings and net sales are up. They boosted their quarterly dividend by 26% and authorized an $18 billion share repurchase program. In 2015, the company expects their sales to slow by 3.5% to 4.7%.

Washington Post contributor, David Charron, claims that new construction data can be more valuable than other economic indicators because,

“Newly constructed homes provide more than just a place for a family to live. They provide an accurate way to measure local and national economic trends, contribute to our country’s economy and are an efficient way for municipalities to undergo improvements at little cost to the taxpayers.”

The Wall Street Journal references an analysis conducted by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) to claim that the construction industry has failed to make the recovery analysts had expected. The analysis examines the value added by the private construction industry as a percentage of national gross domestic product and determines that the industry still isn’t where it should be in a healthy economy.