Construction News on The Blok

Construction News on The Blok

In response to the rising numbers of cancer patients, hospital construction has increased to meet a growing need in Cleveland.

In April, 45,000 jobs were added to the construction industry. Only 1,000 manufacturing jobs were added in March and April combined.

This article suggests that it is a good time to work in the construction industry. A recent JOLTS survey (job openings and labor turnover survey) shows a 36% increase in the number of construction job openings. Additionally, the American Association of General Contractors reports that 80% of construction firms expect to expand their payroll, while 87% of firms are having trouble “filling key professional and craft workers positions.”

3D building models are replacing two dimensional drawings, transforming the way construction firms understand how to execute the building process. Additionally, these 3D building models give builders access to automatically calculated design data, enabling them to make choices ahead of time that help them build more efficiently and sustainably.

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