Construction News on The Blok

Construction News on The Blok

Here is a breakdown of construction project bids in the Mid-Atlantic region. Of the 4,142 bids, 1,103 were private and 3,129 were public.

In an effort to hire more local workers, the city of Akron, Ohio is starting it’s own construction company to complete a $1.4 billion multi-stage sewage system project. Some local companies object to the new government intervention. Read this article and comment with your feedback!

The story of this Brooklyn condominium represents a larger fear that buildings are increasingly being poorly constructed.

“As developers feverishly break ground on projects to cash in on soaring property values, lawyers, architects and engineers say they are fielding more calls from residents complaining of structural defects in newly built homes. There is growing concern that some developers are repeating the mistakes of the last housing boom and delivering substandard product. As more residents settle into new buildings, the trickle of calls could soon turn into a flood.”

A recent proposal in New York City authorizing the building of more structurally diverse buildings may create additional opportunities for builders who use the modular method. In modular building, crews construct individual units in factories and deliverer the finished units to the site for final assembly.

“For decades, there has been a problem: Because units are stacked on top of each other, the floors in modular buildings are much thicker than those conventionally constructed. So despite having no additional square footage, modular projects are taller than normal, which has made it difficult to meet height requirements in certain neighborhoods in the city.”