McGraw Hill Report Reveals Why Businesses Adopt Integrated Project Delivery Systems

McGraw Hill Report Reveals Why Businesses Adopt Integrated Project Delivery Systems

A recent McGraw Hill report presents the varying benefits of construction project delivery for contractors, architects and owners. The report explains what drives owners’, contractors’ and architects’ decisions with respect to delivery systems. Owners select these systems according to their ability to maximize their budget while improving project quality. Contractor’s and architect’s choices are driven by their ability to keep their project costs low (irrespective of the quality). The biggest take away is that businesses adopt integrated project delivery systems (IPDs) because they gain an integrated system that increases their productivity, profitability, efficiency, transparency and control.

The Report itself states…

“– Owners’ top drivers of specific delivery systems: Maximizing the budget drives all three delivery systems, and it is more important than reducing project cost as a driver for the design-bid-build and design-build delivery systems. Improved quality on projects is another top driver for future use of CM-at-risk.

— Architects’ and Contractors’ top drivers: Reducing project cost nearly always ranks above maximizing the value of work put in place for the budget as top drivers for design-bid-build and design-build, representing a large disconnect from the owners’ opinion. More architects also report reducing construction schedule as a key driver, and more contractors report that concerns about risk/liability are a key driver for CM-at-risk.”

The Wall Street Journal writes…

“The study also examined the drivers and benefits of emerging delivery systems. In particular, the findings demonstrated strong benefits from the use of integrated project delivery (IPD) in the buildings sector. 80% or more of owners that have used IPD report that it increased process efficiency, reduced the risk of litigation, improved construction quality, improved sustainable building performance and reduced construction costs.”

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