Part 1: Software Advice Report Reveals What Construction Software Buyers Want

Part 1: Software Advice Report Reveals What Construction Software Buyers Want
A 2014 report from construction software research and reviews website, [Software Advice](, states that small- and medium-sized businesses are more likely to choose a construction management software that improves their company’s productivity. Much of the construction management software in the industry caters to larger construction companies giving those small-to medium-sized companies fewer options to pick from. BuildingBlok is priced appropriately and user friendly making it more appealing to companies that want a solution that requires very little training and is cost effective.  The report states the following…
> “Most of the buyers in our sample were on the smaller end of the spectrum—42 percent of companies had annual revenues of $5-10 million, and 31 percent had fewer than 20 employees. These companies primarily fell into four categories: specialty contractors (e.g. electricians, plumbers), general contractors, home builders and engineers/architects. > > Smaller construction companies will likely have more opportunities to adopt software that improves their efficiency and automates business processes in the near future.”

Steven Mulka, a member of the Association of General Contractors (AGC) IT Steering committee and a founding partner of SIS Software claims that,

“Historically, the construction industry has not been a top spender in the technology field. But I think the increase of Cloud solutions and more powerful software at a more affordable cost will provide opportunities for smaller companies—and even large companies—to get the improvements they’re looking for and achieve a positive ROI without having to spend millions.”

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