Caterpillar just released it’s global OEM retail sales and things are not looking up.  Zero Hedge highlights this harsh reality…

“The bellwether industrial company which has managed to repurchase it way to all time highs in recent months hardly wants the investing public to know the unpleasant truth, a truth which is shown in its simplest format in the chart below: **starting in December 2012 and continuing through today, Caterpiller has reported 19 consecutive months of declining global year-over-year retail sales.**The last, and only, time it had 19 consecutive months of such decline? The period starting in October 2008 just when Lehman filed for bankruptcy.”

It seems the recovery is not fully here and may never arrive.  For construction businesses, reducing costs and improving efficiency is more important than ever to help manage these difficult times.  BuildingBlok can help!  The BuildingBlok platform will help you manage each project with less people so you can take on more work and maximize your profits.