Historic Construction: The Brooklyn Bridge

Historic Construction: The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is not only iconic for its beauty but because its construction was a technological triumph. The bridge first opened on May 24th, 1883 and was called the “eighth wonder of the world.” It took 14 years and about $15 million to build the massive bridge that stretched 1,595 feet, making it the longest suspension bridge to date (until 1903 when the Williamsburg Bridge passed it by 4.5 feet). The bridge was quite the undertaking and at least 20 people died during the construction of it.

Ten things about The Brooklyn Bridge that you probably did not know.

This video describes how the bridge was an engineering phenomenon.

This article called “Two Great Cities United,” was published in The New York Times the day after the bridge opened.

Below are some photos of the bridge under construction…

Brooklyn Bridge being built

Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge….and

Brooklyn Bridge & Cute Dog