How Cloud Technology Impacts Your Job and Your Company

How Cloud Technology Impacts Your Job and Your Company

***Cloud technology dramatically increases collaboration and communication. ***

“Technology shapes styles of work,” said Ed Lazowska, who holds a chair in computer science and engineering at the University of Washington. “One critical advantage of the cloud is that sharing becomes dramatically easier.” He foresees more collaboration and outsourcing of work, and more specialization into whatever a worker, team or company does well.”

Cloud technology has and will continue to change the structure of organizations.

An article in The New York Times called, “What Cloud Computing Means to Your Job,” lays out the history of how technology has changed workforces overtime. 100 years ago, most corporations looked the same, with workers at the base led by managers whose units fit into large parts that interact with one another. The arrival of email and networking meant the replacement of many middle managers. And finally, during the dot-com boom the installation of fiber optic cables running through oceans around the world meant that offshoring and outsourcing drastically changed the way companies functioned with global supply chains and call centers.

Cloud technology helps companies meet customers’ needs.

Technology not only impacts the structure of organizations but it improves their ability to meet customer needs and in turn, increase profits. For example, David Campbell, the head of engineering at Microsoft Azure, claims that cloud computing has enabled them to conduct more A/B testing, create two versions of a website to gauge customer preference, and quickly make additions or adjustments to see if customers are satisfied. He claims,

“You learn to harness feedback…Checking expectations and hypotheses in real time, Mr. Campbell said, “takes hours, instead of months and years in the legacy world.”

Companies with cloud computing solutions are able to react quickly to the consumer’s demands. Over the last quarter, Azure was able to add a new feature or service every three days and projections for this quarter indicate that this could become every two days.

***For all of you tech nerds: ***

Today The New York Times’ Bits blog released a 2015 technology prediction provided by data from the IDC (International Data Corporation).

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