How To Make Your Submittal Process Painless - And Increase Profit Margins by 16%-32%!

How To Make Your Submittal Process Painless - And Increase Profit Margins by 16%-32%!

If you’re managing submittals with Excel, paper documents and or emails, the submittal process is a major burden. Paper submittals are constantly sent back and forth between the subcontractor, general contractor, architects and engineers during the review process. Both time and money are wasted manually tracking these documents and updating excel logs, scanning docs, printing, faxing, shipping and labeling. Submittals often slip through the cracks, getting lost or misplaced. Emails are easier, but they still require you to manually edit files and maintain complex excel logs. Not only are there file size limits for sending emails (typically 1-2MB), but keeping a database of emails organized is near impossible. This is where an online construction management platform can help.

BuildingBlok brings efficiency, productivity, and accountability to the document approval process, since all users in the project can work off of one centralized platform anytime, anywhere. You no longer need to keep track of emails, update complex Excel files, make photo copies, or track down lost documents.  The submittal log is automatically updated and always current, since subcontractors, architects, and engineers can submit their documents within the system, quickly and easily.

So what kind of cost savings can you expect?

According to a Harvard Business case study by Dr. Burcin Becerik, employing a system like BuildingBlok can offer construction based companies substantial cost savings. Based on his conclusions, putting all submittals onto BuildingBlok could increase a general contractor’s profit margin by 16-32% (assuming an average project size of $7.3 million with 1,000 submittals). Thus, by switching to electronic submittals, cost savings (in terms of printing, faxing, shipping, and labor productivity) are dramatic.

Don’t waste another second managing submittals inefficiently.  Move them online and save yourself time and money, and get rid of the headaches caused by paper based submittals.