Mobile Devices for Work: The Magic of Smartphones

Mobile Devices for Work: The Magic of Smartphones

The following is a guest post by tech blogger Allie Cooper.

With the prevalence of mobile devices worldwide, various industries and their processes have been revolutionized. Field workers, in particular, are said to benefit from these technologies because they can now send quick emails and reports, collaborate with remote colleagues, and create things like presentations on the go. But, there are some smartphone tricks that can make your usual processes at work more convenient. This article will show you how you can maximize your mobile device as a field worker.

Dictate your email to your boss/colleagues

You may be used to texting or emailing your colleagues and it’s often difficult to quickly answer their queries when you have your hands full. To assist you, consider using the voice command of your smartphone to dictate your message and send it hands-free. Receivers can also ask their virtual mobile assistant to read their incoming and previous messages. For iPhones and iPads, Apple has expanded Siri’s voice commands to further assist its users. In fact, you can even ask Siri silly questions and she will respond with witty answers. Android devices also have their virtual mobile assistant with Ok, Google!, while Windows Phones have Cortana.

Report your health with supporting data to superiors in real-time

Wearables are on the rise today, and many industries are analyzing its benefits to their processes. For field workers, the health sensors on these gadgets will be beneficial in ensuring their safety and health while out in the field. According to research released by Accenture, many companies and their human resource departments are looking at maximizing wearables that will send them health details about their staff. Companies will be able to retrieve employees’ heart rate data, stress level, current locations and more. However, companies are still slow in adopting wearables completely as they need to discover what works.

Charge quickly for an emergency meeting/presentation

Mobile manufacturers are always looking for ways to make smartphones even smarter. However, one of its flaws, highlighted by many, is its limited battery life. Today, this is no longer a problem as tech companies have produced their latest flagship handsets with powerful battery life and quick charging mechanism. A leading example will be the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has a talk time of up to 18 hours with quick charging capability via its Qi wireless charger. On a resource page provided by O2, it said that charging the handset for 10 minutes can give the user a maximum of up to four hours of normal smartphone usage. Fully charging the device can also only take less than an hour and a half. Qi wireless charging is now being provided by other Android smartphone makers today. A quick boost on your battery will be necessary when you attend an emergency meeting or are required to do a quick presentation but your device is running low on power.

New forms of mobile devices called wearables will be on the rise soon, and we cannot wait to see how these technologies will be able to change, innovate, and revolutionize the construction industry.

Let us know, how do you expect wearables to change the way we handle work in the field?