New Features This Month on BuildingBlok

New Features This Month on BuildingBlok

Happy October! This month we have added new features to our website including a global calendar and a new project dashboard.

Global Calendar

The global calendar helps you stay organized. All of your construction tasks will appear on the calendar and are color-coded based on status. For example, overdue tasks are colored red. You can filter by individual project tasks or view all project tasks together. You can also select whether you would like to see your tasks for a specific day, week, month, or customized period of time.

global calendar img

**Project Dashboard **

When you select a specific project, we have added a new dashboard to give you even more information. You will not only see tasks assigned to you, but now you will also see a variety of other information including daily report, financial info, outstanding issues and a recent history. We have even added a savings breakdown so you can see how much money YOUR company has saved on each project!

project dashboard imgBuildingBlok is always working to improve organization, transparency and accountability for project management and we believe these new updates will do just that.

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