BuildingBlok's New Mobile App

BuildingBlok's New Mobile App

PR Web announces BuildingBlok’s updated mobile app which allows users to easily create RFIs, punchlists, daily reports, timesheets, upload an unlimited amount of project photos, and update project schedules. Communication and collaboration between the field and office is seamless, intuitive and efficient, providing a centralized platform for all of your projects.

“Our mobile app is a game changer for the construction industry,” says Justin Nolan, CEO of BuidlingBlok. “The inability to communicate from the field is one of the biggest sources of time and budget overage in construction management projects. All too often, valuable information is lost when it’s not logged immediately or when a subcontractor isn’t able to quickly connect with a general contractor to receive answers to questions. We’re excited to offer the construction industry a solution to this problem.”

BuildingBlok Mobile is disruptive because it is an affordable solution that gives users the ability to work from anywhere at anytime.

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