Project Set Up 2.0

Project Set Up 2.0

Get the ball rolling faster than ever

When people want something, they want it right away. However, construction is a process full of red-tape, delays and waiting on information from other people.

We completely redesigned the project setup process to make your construction life even easier.  We distilled down project setup to filling in a simple excel-like spreadsheet with your project budget.  Even more we installed brand new functionality that allows the customer to COPY AND PASTE data from Excel into the BuildingBlok preliminary budget spreadsheet.

Cut and paste your contract names from an excel spreadsheet to begin setting up your budget. Once you assign those contracts to companies, those subcontractors can begin creating and submitting RFIs and submittals.

Next, paste in contract values to open our full suite of financial construction documents. Doing so will allow the subcontractors to create invoices, payment applications, and change orders – all of which are tracked in the system so you can see your project financial picture in real time.

Construction is hard work. Setting up your project and getting started should be quick and easy. Copy and paste your budget, assign your contracts, and let your subcontractor create construction documents IN the system instead of EMAILING or MAILING you their documents, and you entering them in a tracking system.

Save your energy for what really matters, getting the job done.