When it comes to litigation, keeping an audit trail of every document created is important. Having a written document retention policy is crucial to ensure that you have the proper documents to support any claims that you want to make. You want the required project documentation to be consistent across all projects. The easiest way to do this is to create a policy that requires the project manager to provide certain project documents (i.e. – all requests for change orders, all approved change orders, and all correspondence relating to these COs). Secondly, it is important to identify a team member to manage these policies on one or all of your projects. How will you keep track of these important documents?

BuildingBlok gives you more and keeps it simple. We all know that things easily get lost when paper is stored in a file cabinet, so move it all to the cloud so everyone who has the correct permissions can access it from anywhere at anytime. Even more importantly, BuildingBlok will keep track of what everyone does with those documents and when they do it. Automatically. With so many people communicating on each project, it is critical to have an online system that keeps a complete audit trail for who did what and when and it will dramatically reduce your risk and costs associated with litigation.

“Take away: The time to adopt and implement a document retention system is before you need to rely on it. Take a look at your company’s document retention practices and adopt a policy that will ensure you can support your claim.”