Who Says You Can't Work From Home?

Who Says You Can't Work From Home?

Is working on a mobile basis the new norm? Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, created quite a firestorm last year when she announced a policy prohibiting Yahoo employees from working from home.  By some estimates more than 40% of Yahoo employees had been enjoying the flexibility of occasionally working from home.

In construction you may not be working from home but you have to work from the field, and you know how hard it is.  Keeping tabs on multiple projects, punchlists, RFIs and timesheets all from the field.  How does your notebook look?  Overflowing?  Hope you don’t lose it or spill coffee on it.

What you need is your office desk in the field.  The good news is that mobile devices are becoming better and better and the ability to work from the field is easier than ever.  The data proves it.  According to Mary Meeker, the proverbial “Queen of the Internet”, 28% of Internet usage is now coming from mobile devices versus desktop computers and that usage is growing at twice the rate of desktop usage.  At this pace maybe in a few years all the internet activity will be coming from mobile devices.  Well that probably won’t happen, but you get the idea. You need to work from the field, and you need to do so efficiently.

Here are a couple of tips.  First, get a good, easy to use mobile device.  There are a lot of great ones out there, but to be safe the two leaders are Apple and Samsung.  If your fingers are nimble enough, a iPhone or Samsung Galaxy may be all you need. If not, a tablet (iPad or Samsung Galaxy) may be a better option.

Second, use a construction management software application that has an integrated mobile app. The last thing you need is multiple systems to make your life more complicated.

BuildingBlok has a mobile app that is fully integrated and syncs with our cloud-based application.  It is easy-to-use, and allows you to quickly process punchlists, RFIs, timesheets, and much more from the field.  There is nothing to remember and nothing to lose.  Once you input the data it is saved, in real-time, and accessible to you and your team from any device.  Do your work, input your information, and get on to the next job site (or get home….don’t worry we won’t tell Marissa).

Making your life easier is what BuildingBlok likes to do.