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Submit This

The Submittal process is a necessary evil. It’s paperwork that you submit during every project to ensure the conceptual equates to the reality. Stuff happens and things will change. To make sure you weather the storm, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Don’t try to manage submittals in Excel!  There are too many moving pieces and companies working together to try to use an excel file to track all your submittals.  Instead use an online system that will do the tracking for you and allow all of your project participants to work with the same data. Storing your submittals in a centralized location will save you the time it took to update your file each time a new submittal was created or updated. Instead, you will quickly understand where things are falling behind.  Who is responsible for delays?  What submittals need your immediate attention?

  2. Your approval process has to be foolproof. Submittals require the attention of multiple people, establish a way to make sure they are actually receiving them. Trust me, it will prevent disputes down the road.

  3. Submittals are important. To make sure they are done in a timely manner, enable yourself to stay on top of them by getting notifications the minute it needs your attention.

Taking these steps will help to make the submittal process simpler and will save everyone involved in your project time and money – freeing them up to focus on the really important stuff – your project.  

Saving money and time and making things simpler is what BuildingBlok is all about.  Come check BuildingBlok out and see how we can solve your submittal problems today!