Technology is the Solution: Toss out the paper time-cards

Technology is the Solution: Toss out the paper time-cards

Everyone who’s been on a construction jobsite is familiar with the sight of employees lined up at the beginning and end of the day, waiting to punch in or out at the time clock. Everyone who’s worked in a construction office knows the pain of manually tracking all those time cards, especially if there’s a dispute or discrepancy.

What’s the best way to use technology for time-tracking on construction jobsites?

On the Go

Equip each person on the jobsite with the ability to clock in/out from their phone (and from a computer). Everyone on the jobsite has a personal smartphone; they’re ubiquitous. Getting each employee to clock in/out from their phone is easy—and gets everyone on and off the site faster, without having to wait in long lines.

No Wifi? No Problem

Since all phones have GPS capability, that power can be used to track everyone who’s on the clock for a project. If the web isn’t accessible, this technology could save all updates and sync them automatically when reconnected, allowing for full functionality, even without internet access.

Access from Anywhere

With smartphone technology, workers are capable of allocating hours to different projects and codes, as well as recording breaks that they take. Managers can use their own phones or desktop computers to clock crews and workers in and out and export data into Quickbooks, Sage or other payroll services.

BuildingBlok® has harnessed these technological advances, creating Timesheets, a construction tool that empowers your team to toss out those paper timecards.

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