The future is here. Most of the elevators we ride are cable elevators and for the most part the industry hasn’t experienced a major innovation in about 160 years. ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas is trying to change that. The elevator company is developing a cable-free system called MULTI that will operate by magnetic levitation technology. Because MULTI is nine times lighter than a traditional cable elevator, it uses 15% less energy and rises twice as high (up to 3,281ft). This new technology means that elevators no longer move in exclusively vertical patterns. The elevator moves horizontally and vertically which will enable multiple cars to be moving in each shaft. More cars operating in one shaft will reduce people’s waiting time during busy hours. Not only do these new, multi-directional elevators have large implications for the speed and distance of elevator travel, but ultimately for the shape and design of new buildings. What do you think? Read the entire article, watch the video below and comment!