The Cloud Improves Business Agility

The Cloud Improves Business Agility

With all the recent conversations about Hollywood actors and cloud security, we thought we would bring attention to a more productive, interesting and business related topic: business agility and cloud computing. Business agility is a company’s ability to adapt rapidly to industry changes in cost effective ways. It is a leading reason why companies adopt cloud computing. In a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, a third of respondents attributed their adoption of cloud computing to business agility (over innovation, lower costs, and the ability to scale up and down in response to variations in business demand). 

“It means more profitability, faster time to market, greater ability to spin up new programs, create new products, hire new people, retain people — pick any. What’s important is not only speed, but doing the right things.”

1.) You cut costs

Before cloud, the enterprise spent $100,000 on on-premises servers and software licenses and equipment every year, along with $200,000 of staff time (hypothetically speaking). After cloud, it spends $50,000 on subscription-based services and $150,000 of associated staff time.”

2.) You increase your business’ efficiency and productivity.

“The HBR-Verizon survey…provides meaningful clues to the outcomes that agility provides: such as ability to enter new markets, reduce complexity, increase employee productivity, and, yes, reduce costs. The survey finds, for example, those enterprises more advanced in their cloud deployments are more likely than their less-advanced counterparts to have entered a new market in the past three years (49 percent) or to have been part of a merger or acquisition (49 percent).”

**3.) Simplify your operations. **

“Almost three-quarters of executives say cloud will reduce business complexity (24 percent significantly and 47 percent somewhat). In addition, 66 percent say cloud computing will reduce complexity in their company’s IT operations. Another 61 percent say it will increase employee productivity and 53 percent say it will increase responsiveness to customers (53 percent).”

When it comes to your business (not your personal life), the cloud is the place to be.