Top 5 Documents for Online Construction Management

Top 5 Documents for Online Construction Management

We save our customers from printing thousands of pages everyday. Learn about the top 5 documents construction companies submit, and how we help you manage them.

5) Requests for Information (RFIs) – 7%

Quick movement of information is critical to completing a project on time. Waiting for RFI approval can be a serious bottleneck in workflow, and a headache for all parties involved. Our mobile app allows you to submit and approve RFIs on the fly, getting your job done quicker.

4) Budget Items – 10%

When a user submits a change order or payment application, our cost accounting reports automatically update for you. With our cloud-based app, there is no need to cross-reference multiple Excel sheets, and no more human error.

3) Daily Reports – 14%

Your team will automatically receive an email notification with our daily report. Keep track of your mancount, weather, and any photos taken in the field through our mobile app.

2) Submittals – 21%

Your subcontractors and architects need to be on the same page in the building process. Submittals can pile up quickly, but you can easily track them with our online submittal log. Quickly know who approved which submittal, for what contract, and when.

1) Drawings & Specifications – 26%

These massive files need to be seen by everyone, but often times take up a ton of space on your server or email. With our filemanager, you no longer need to worry about file size or speed of download. We will store it for you in one centralized location.

source: Online Collaboration and Project Management Technology: Its Value and Implementation Practices; Dr. Burcin Becerik; Harvard Graduate School of Design