Using your Construction Data to Transform your Productivity

Using your Construction Data to Transform your Productivity

Using your Construction Data to Transform your Productivity

We deal with data in many aspects of our work lives – at the office and on the job site. The internet of things (IoT) makes sending and receiving data an invisible and seamless part of our daily lives. Emails, internet searches, and web-based transactions are all made possible with this infrastructure. The introduction of cloud computing provided us with access to that data 24/7. We no longer need to save everything on our computers or mobile devices. The cloud enables us to safely store our data and recall it anywhere, anytime.

What does that all mean?

We deal with so much data that, at times, it can be overwhelming – and the amount of data accumulated with each project can be staggering. Multiply that by the number of projects you have over the years, and suddenly you are surrounded by heaps of data. Some may see data as simply something to store and archive. But did you know you can also use your data to provide strategic insights into your business?

What can you do to put that data to work for you?

By shifting from siloed buckets of data to a centralized source, your data moves from static information to a functional tool that can help you gain insights into your business. The first step is to centralize your data instead of storing it across multiple forms, such as Excel spreadsheets. Construction project management software, such as BuildingBlok, centralizes your project data. In addition to providing 24/7 access to your entire team, it helps you to view the data in a meaningful way.

Construction management software centralizes and manages your data, eliminating the silos created with spreadsheets, etc. Instead of seeing the data as one task or one project, your data is now a powerful historical repository that enables more efficient analysis and decision making across your entire business.

By viewing and analyzing your data as a whole, versus project by project, it can help you gain insight into how your business can deliver projects more efficiently, at a lower cost, and with fewer risks. Understanding how to use your data as an asset and business tool will help you make decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

How do you consume and interact with your data right now? We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your data issues and solutions.

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