Your most important tool is not on your belt

Your most important tool is not on your belt

It is in your pocket.

Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone in 2007. Since then, the convenience of mobile web interaction has been pushing the desktop closer and closer to the realm of nostalgia.

When we can anticipate changes to technology, we should adapt practices that leave us most prepared.

So, what is your mobile strategy?

A recent Constructech editorial asked this very question. Here are the takeaways, with some of our own advice on how to develop a mobile strategy.

Remember. It is all about data

Data monitoring is the key value of mobile technology for construction companies. Analyzing data allows you to improve your safety, estimating, and project management by identifying inefficiencies. Understand your processes so you can see what data will be useful for you.

Research what meets your needs

Once you know the processes you can improve, the only way to know what is best for you is to research. Every application is different. Some apps do different components of the construction process. Some apps do every component differently. Only by doing your research can you identify the app or apps that meet your needs.

Implement with everything you have

Finding the right solution is not enough. When you do, you and your team have to pursue it with all available resources. An application will not solve your problems for you automatically. Changing processes takes work, but only with work can you see the results you want. Don’t let your competitors outpace you. Your team is the real solution to your problems. The cell phone is just another tool.